Welcome Note by the President

        Welcome to this the web page of the Transkei Piscatorial Society. We are, first and foremost, a fly fishing club.

Many of you would have experienced the pleasures on offer in the Transkei and need to come back to see more. Of those who haven't, you are missing out. We have various disciplines on offer being , inland dams and rivers offering trout, bass, carp and yellowfish.

        We have the estuaries experience with various species on offer such as shipjack, river roman, kingfish etc. Then there is the other experience of the rock and surf. This can prove to be rather exciting particularly when the garrick are around. Pompano, shad, kob and more.

The scenery is stunning and irrespective of your catch results the whole experience will be most relaxing and pleasurable. Please feel free to contact us and wishing you all tight lines. 

        Yours in fishing


        Shawn Horsefield


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